Tattoo Guide:


The obligations :

- To be 18 years old

- Do not be pregnant or breastfeeding

- Do not be under the influence of alcohol / drugs


What about hygiene?

Hygiene is one of our primary concerns:

Each artist has his hygiene certification up to date, the rooms are disinfected before each client, the material used is for single use, the tubes and needles are sterile.


I would like a consultation, can I go see the artist whiteout an appointment?


Yes, you can go meet the team but if you wish meet a particular artist, make an appointment with him before to be sure he is present and available.


May I come by without an appointment for a little tattoo?


Yes! But if you want to be sure that we can take care of you as soon as you arrive : call us or contact us on Facebook before!


How much does it cost?


The minium is 80$,

The artist will give you an estimate of the price based on its cost/time and the size/precision of the piece.

Consultation are free


Where are you located?




Taking an appointment :


Principals of the deposit:


To validate an appointment, the artist will ask you for a deposit to certify your commitment and his.

This will be deducted from the final price and will be lost if canceled less than 48 hours in advance.


Explain us your project:

In your message of presentation, sends us:

- Images of references

- Your budget

- The location

- The size (cm/inches)


I already know what I want and…


… It’s inspired form an existing design:

Send us your images of reference so we can understand your desires and aesthetics needs this way, you will be able to appreciate a unique tattoo!


… I got an idea or a personal drawing:

Take a look at the portfolios of our artists to find the aesthetics that suits you then introduce your project to the artist or let us assign you whoever will match your project best!



… It’s a cover up:

Send us a picture in good definition of your tattoo/scar or come and see us so we can look together the area to cover!


The D-day

The team is sensitive to your privacy and your threshold of tolerance to pain, do not hesitate before and during the tattoo session to tell us things sincerely so that we can improve your comfort!


Before the tattoo session:

-Avoid drinking the day before.

-Eat Well before coming.

-Hydrate your skin well the days before.

-Have a good night of sleep.


How to dress when I am getting a tattoo?

Comfortable and with something you don’t mind to spear!

Forget the clothes too thight to avoid friction and chose clothes that allow you to show easily the area to tattoo. The adrenaline of the moment added to your immobility can make you feel cold, to prevent this: take you a sweater or a clean cover (without animal hair).


May I come with someone?

Yes, but tattoo rooms are not made to welcome many people, so we have a limit of one mate at the time at the discretion of the artist.


Does it hurt?

Difficult to answer objectively, some places are more painful than others, but it’s still everyone’s own: what must be kept in mind is that the satisfaction of a finished tattoo will always be superior to the memory of the pain.


How to look after my tattoo:

the whole procedure is explained in our sheets of care that we’ll give your at the end of the session. You can also download it here :

    -CARE SHEET-    


One healed:

If you want your tattoo to remain beautiful:

-Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

-Moisturizes your skin on a regular basis.