Vincent Brun



1974 Jean Talon Est

In search of adventures and romances, Vincent Brun rides the dermis of coils and rota. With a casual and cynical attitude, he lives the tattoo lifestyle day by day. Self-taught artist, Brun takes his inspiration from the old school, the japanese aesthetic and the cartoon. Colorful or black and gray, he handles styles with conviction. After an apprenticeship in France, he made his hands in six and a half tattoo shops: Bodkin, Jolly Roger's, Expression, Super Crotch, Scotch and Scissors etc ... One needle leading to another, he allies with the talented Gonzo to create their evil laboratory, the unmissable 1974 studio.


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Tél : 514-504-1974

1974 Jean Talon Est,

Montréal, Qc, Canada

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